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Triple Helix Corporation consists of industrial pilots that spend their time mining, exploring, researching and manufacturing. Our operations are based in Amarr, both in high sec and null sec space.

We are members of the Yulai Federation Alliance, who are aiming to be a galactic-wide NRDS organization, working for betterment and increased levels of civilization in the entire New Eden galaxy. They work under a strict universal NRDS (Not Red Dont Shoot) policy. That includes high, low, 0.0 sec and wormhole space.


We aim to have only the best pilots in our corporation. As such, membership is by recruiter referral / invitation only.

Anyone considered for membership will be required to submit to a full API security check. No exceptions.

If you have questions or are interested in joining, come chat with us in our public channel, Deathstar Cantina.


What systems are you based in exactly? For security purposes, only actual members are privy to this type of information.

Why was my application ignored? If you applied to join us without a referral from a recruiter, we promptly ignored your application.

Why can't I get into your channel? If you previously showed interest in joining us but did not meet our criteria, you will no longer have access to our public channel. This is for security reasons.